Who influence you the most? 貴方に最も影響を与える人について


One of the persons who most influenced me is ICHIRO ,the baseball player at the major league.

He is the first japanese player who succeeded as fielder in the major league.

Until he appered,it was said impossible that japanese play the active part as fielder in the league because of their even smaller body than foreigner.

He was not muscle at all and unpowered as well as other japanese player.

But he has the most valuable skill , it is to continue doing.

He has excellent strong will to continue practice,so he could meet with success at the honored baseball league.

He is the precious person who never give up. This is why I respect him.


At last, I introduce you his wise remark.


"keeping trying many small steps is only way to reach the unbelievable space."


Ichiro suzuki