There is always bullying in our school.

I think it is inevitable to be bullied as long as you live society.

We all have chromosome to compete with other human in the race of life, so before our sense of ethics grow up enough, we instinctively and genetically find another whose position is weaker than ours ,and then become offensive against he or her.

Human being is innate cruel creatures. We always just conceal instinct by reason.
The problem of bullying is, as it were, a severe training for children to become adult, which they must endure.

In my opinion, parents have to give their children a chance to restore their friendship, such as moving out.

I think it is merciless that only one fault ruin the life the whole time where children commute to school.

We have to give the children chances again and again ,but should not intervene in their life unless they ask of helping. 




<邪魔>interfere in

<改善>intervene in

<お節介>meddle in