Face-to-face communication is better than other forms of communication, such as writing letters, sending e-mail, or making telephone calls. Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons or examples.


In my opinion, other forms of communication which differ from face-to-face also have advantages, but I agree that face-to-face communication is the best.

This is because people can not express what they want to express in verbal messages and letters.

Almost all content people want to express are expressed in body language, such as move of eye, which direction their body turn toward,and so on.

So compared with other forms of communication, face-to-face communication make less fliction between expresser and receiver.

In conclusion, if you want to tell your emotion your girlfrend, you should meet her and confess via face-to-face communication.




"oral" means "by mouth"
"verbal" means"by spoken words". It is more specific.
"oral" can also mean "by spoken words" so they can be the same.

"verbal" is "oral", but "oral" is not always "verbal"