If there was time machine, I of course would use it.

I hope to go back to the era where dinosaurs still live.

In my childhood, my dream was to become dinosaur and I collected a lot of dinosaur toys.

I want to get gene of them and inject in my body so that I become the dinosaur.

If I became a dinosaur, I would break into woman's bath.

And then take a movie and sell it on the internet.

All people in Japan like adult video especially amateur one, so I can make a lot of money.

Next, I want to brake down my university.

The more violently I run wild in my school,the more famous it become.

No one stop me because I am dinosaur.


I never use time machine for back to my past.

If I change my past, I would be compel to accept to give up present.

Now is best I have experienced even. It is my belief.
Using time machine mean to deny it.