What do you think the communication skills is?


The skill of speaking oneself is not directly connected with the one of communication

In a dictionary, the word communication means to convey one's feeling, thought, opinion, and so on each others.

Namely, communication need no less than two people.

I think communication represents an improvement in the relationship between people.

People who focus on how to speak only seem to think they can communicate by themselves.

For the communication, listening is more important than speaking.

Speaking about oneself gets your brain to emit dopamine like when you eat delicious cuisine or make alot of money.

Do you want to be in good terms with a person who only thinks about becoming comfortable by talking about his or her self?

It is not enough to only lisnoing. For good terms, you hava to talk about your self.

Thre is not correct way to communicate, becouse every people have diffrent personality.

One may prefer listening to speaking, another may take a long tome to be able to talk about oneself.

The one who can distinguish the balance of speaking and listening respectively is the person who have a skill of communication.