Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Give at least two reasons to support your opinion.

Hosting the 2020 Olympics in Japan is a good idea.

(長崎大学 2014)


I strongly agree with hosting the 2020 Olympics in Japan.

I have three reason to support my opinion.

First reason is very personal one.

I love watching and playing sports. The sight of the athletes joining forces towards one thing excites me. I want to work toward objective with my team forever.

Second reason is the one as my generation. It is said that to find a job is easy in the year before Olympics. The year my generation have to find a job is just before Olympic.

Third reason is the one as Japanese. Our society have been in recession for long times. In my opinion, this is because many Japanese consider Japan society as recession. To change our economy, first of all we should change our mind.So, generous event such as Olympic which motivate people to change their mind positive is very welcomed.