Do you think the growth of social media (such as video-sharing sites and social-networking sites) has been good or bad for the quality of human life? Give at least two reasons with examples.


I think that the growth of social media has been good for the quarity of human life.

Apart from whether people are happy, social media has brought us many benefits.

Using socialmedia, we can easily find favorite movie, information, hobby and so on and connect to others who have a common preference. But it also has many negative aspect. Forexemple, on social media, we are subject to attack by unidentified strangers. It means for our free will to be suppressed. In fact, in Japan, on the Twitter, if I post my opinion, someone who are not in good terms with me would criticize and deny me. Sometimes it become the attack not to my opinion, but to my personality.

I wonder whether the growth of social media made us happy, but is is certain that our society have been enhanced.